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Why This World Needs More Introverts

For all the extroverts who are curious and all the introverts who don't hear enough how important they are, I am going to share how this world can benefit from their quiet power.

Not that extroverts are not important. On the contrary. Different types of personalities balance each other out and often achieve greater results together. But extroverts can speak for themselves. They don't need me to PR them. Our society adores and praises them extensively. They are on the front stage, in the spotlight, in the leadership roles, and they enjoy the attention. In fact, they comprise majority of our population according to different studies. And because of all the hype, everyone wants to be in that fun crowd.

As an introvert, you are more likely to feel "less than", left out, unappreciated, misunderstood, etc. But you don't need to. After reading this post, I hope you'll own who you are and be proud of it. And for the rest of my more outgoing readers, I hope you'll see the value in that low-key person next to you.

Ready? Let's begin.

#1 Introverts are independant.

There is a lot of emphasis on working in the group and collaborating, but that's not always the best way to do thing. People who are introverted are most productive on their own. They are the hard and reliable workers who quietly pull the load while others are discussing what to do next and how to do it.

Introverts are self-starters and self-motivators. They can accomplish great feats by themselves. People who can tune out the outside world are usually focused, efficient, and can get things done without nudging. As an introvert, know that this is your strength and don't be afraid to ask for individual assignments.

Introverts don't need another person to be entertained, feel fulfilled, or be motivated. They are self-sufficient.

#2 Introverts are deep thinkers.

People can come up with great ideas in a group (or they can end up in a groupthink situation), but introverts are most creative in a quiet place alone. They spend many hours in solitude, dig deep, and come out with The Cat in The Hat book, a Tesla blueprint, The Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor, or theory of relativity (Read about other famous introverts).

Introverted people love to read and therefore are filled with knowledge and valuable insight. They often become experts in whatever subject they study. They might not always feel comfortable to share their findings, that's why it's so important in the group discussion to give more reserved people an opportunity to speak up.

And to introverts I want to say—protect your alone time and don't be ashamed that you often long to stay behind with your thoughts and books. That's where unique ideas can be born.

#3 Introverts are very observant.

People who talk less, watch and listen more. It's kind of a given. Introverts might notice things that others don't. They are great at listening and understanding the person or the situation on a deeper level. Their insight can help others look at things in a different way and find unique solutions.

These qualities are great in a friend. A person like that will not only listen intently, but will help point things out that you haven't noticed. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective.

Because introverts like to analyze and reflect before making a decision, they often see the best course of actions and avoid pitfalls.

#4 Introverts form lasting connections.

People who are more reserved, take longer to create an attachment with other people. Their natural sense of caution often keeps them at a distance. They are picky in who they allow into their private world. But once the relationship is formed, it is often deep and lasting. If introverted person leaves their solitude for your sake, know that they greatly value your time together, whether it's a friendship or work relationship.

Introverts are not only faithful and reliable companions, they often bring balance and calm into the relationship. Sometimes they need to be drawn out of their inner world, but if you're looking for a meaningful interaction, it's worth the effort. (Read my blog on how to tame an introvert).

#5 Introverts are introspective.

In our world that is over-stimulated and full of distractions, to be inner-focused is a rare quality. The definition of the term "introvert" itself means that you are more concerned with your inner thoughts and feeling than with what's happening on the outside. Thus, such people gain great insight into themselves. They understand themselves and are capable of developing a solid character. Self-analysis also allows them to apply their strength in a more effective way. They can find more fulfillment in their careers and form relationships with the right people.

Aristotle said that knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom. It's also the beginning of finding purpose and meaning in life. A person who is able to disconnect from the outside influence, is more likely to be authentic and form original ideas that can change the world as we know it.

As you can see, being introverted is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it's much needed in our noisy society. Of course, we are all on a spectrum and we all need to sometimes step out of our comfort zone and try something different. But I would urge you to be yourself and know that there is power in being quiet.

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Elena Shelest
Elena Shelest
Jan 02, 2020

Deane, thanks for sharing. Bring able to focus is something introverts are great at ;)


Jan 02, 2020

Thank you for his post! My wife and I are both introverted and laugh about it constantly. Well, when we’re not reading or meditating or some other form of introvert-ing.

This evening we had a brainstorming session time set aside for planning our business milestones for 2020.

You could have heard a pin drop for the first five minutes! We found it very difficult to just spew out ideas without thinking much about them first! (-:

We did get the session completed, and came up with some good ideas.... but it didn’t come easy!

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