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Enchanted Anthologies Series - Inside Look

Enchanted Series is an amazing project that many readers would enjoy, no matter what your preferred genre is, and here is why.


Toward the end of 2020, a group of authors got together to work on a project - creating a collection of stories that would benefit the environment.

The first publication in the series - Enchanted Waters - was published in 2021 and, in the last 2 years, raised over 1,000 dollars for a non-profit organization OCEANA that helps to restore and protect our oceans.

The second book in the series - Enchanted Forests - was published in 2022 and is already at 800 dollars in donations a year later. All profits are being sent to Rainforest Foundation, an organization that helps to protect rainforests worldwide and help indigenous people. The link is for the US branch.

Our third installment - Enchanted Flames - was published this year, 2023, to raise money for the World Land Trust wildfire prevention program.

We will continue to raise and donate from all of these projects as long as they are published. You may join our fan group on Facebook to see what new things are in store.


Each of the publications in the Enchanted series has a theme. You might have guessed it: water, forest, fire... The stories are of different subgenres but have some element of fantasy in each: fairy tale, magical realism, urban, historical, romantic, mythic, apocalyptic, YA, and even comic. These are unique, original, complete stories for you to enjoy. No strings attached. Just a way to raise funds for a worthy cause.

There are ten different authors in each collection with their own style and approach to storytelling, but all of the stories are clean and suitable for younger readers as well. The main characters find adventure, discover themselves, love, and purpose in life. They struggle, grow, and reach happy endings.


Each of the books comes with original illustrations for every story created by artists. Here are a few:


Let's get a more detailed look inside at each of the books. They all come with over 300 pages of reading fascinating stories. Here is a little bit more information about each to give you a taste. Click on the covers to be taken to the Amazon page:

What really lies beneath the waves?

Meet murderous kelpies, hear the mermaid’s song, find a kidnapped prince, and explore the beautiful underwater kingdoms. Befriend selkie royalty, break fearsome curses, and swoon as you fall in love.

Stories include:

Daughter of the Selkie King - Lyndsey Hall

Merrily Merrily - Jennifer Kropf

The Kelpie of Loch Linnhe - Alice Ivinya

The Bridge - Ben Lang

Kiss the Frog - Sky Sommers

Sea Ghost of the Isle - N.D.T. Casale

The Naiad's Curse - Astrid V.J.

The Arctic Mermaid - N.D.T. Casale

Heartless Melody - Alice Ivinya

The Wishing Well - Elena Shelest

If you go down to the woods today, do not go alone…

Discover the secret world between the trees where fairies, unicorns, and monsters dwell. Take a stroll through enchanted woods and dance with pixies by the light of the stars. Escape Baba Yaga, fall in love with a prince in disguise, and taste the forbidden fruit.

Stories include:

Gems of Fae and Foolery - Alice Ivinya The Lucky Tortoise - Ben Lang Feather Green - Jennifer Kropf Apple and the Dead Forest - Xander Cross To Snare a Prince - Sky Sommers Blood of the Unicorn - N.D.T. Casale Dimension of the Sasquatch - Donna White The Fern Flower - Elena Shelest Willow Daughter - Astrid V.J. One Fair Eve - Lyndsey Hall

If you play with fire, you might get burned...

Sneak past the ancient dragon, journey deep into the Salamander Kingdom, and follow the wyverns. Walk over the earth scorched by the sun on a quest for survival. Find out why the firebird only eats golden apples. Watch the phoenix rise from the ashes. Adventure awaits!

Stories include:

In the Ashes - Joy Holloway

Hero of the Wyverns - Alice Ivinya

A Candle Burns in Herboshy - Ben Lang

To Steal a Kiss - Sky Sommers

Golden Apples - Astrid V.J.

Ping and the Phoenix - Xander Cross

Cajun Cold Flames - Donna White

Palace of Ambers - N.D.T. Casale

The Wyvern and the Woodwitch - Lyndsey Hall

The Scorch Tournament - Elena Shelest

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a great project and to enjoy new stories along the way. Discover new authors, new worlds, and new adventures. There is even a coloring and self-reflection journal to help supplement your reading. You can find out more about it here.


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