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My list of


These are the books that impacted my life. I will continue sharing more as I read them. They will help you change, reach your goals, focus your time, be more productive, live happier, etc. I hope they will inspire you. Click on the cover to go to Amazon. 

the one thing.jpg

Gary Keller, Jay Papasan

Time Management

This book is a must-have in our busy society. Multitasking is a myth. If you want to get better results and achieve more, you need to simplify and focus. Cut through the clutter, reduce stress, and live a more productive life no matter what your profession and aspiration is. 

miracle morning.jpg

Hal Elrod

Daily Habits

Ok, so, I am not a morning person, but this book is still great. It helps with implementing daily disciple for a lasting change. It's about being consistent, forming good habits, making progress. It's written by a person who values his life as he nearly died twice. Don't waste yours. 

how to stop worrying and start

Dale Carnegie

Life Hacks

Who doesn't want to stop worrying and start living! An oldie but a goodie. A guy who wrote How to Win Friends and Influence People is full of practical advice (if you haven't read that book - you should too). A great book to read and to live by. Check your library for a free copy. 

7 habits.jpg

Stephen R. Covey

Personal Growth

This book presents lessons on lasting change. It focuses on timeless principles that have to do with character, things that cannot be ignored if one wants to live a not only successful but fulfilling life. They can be used in both personal and professional life. 

21 laws of leadership.jpg

John Maxwell


Leadership skills are essential in every area of our lives, and this book goes over important principles of being a good leader. There are examples and exercises for every concept. Find out about the essential qualities of the leader from the person who's been practicing and perfecting them over the years. 

think and grow rich.jpg

Napoleon Hill


The name of this book is actually Think and Grow Rich, but I don't think the meaning is lost even if the last word didn't fit into the image. It actually focuses on personal development and self-improvement. The author studied the habits of successful people that can be applied in our daily lives. 

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