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On this page, I'll be posting books I've read and loved, with the most recent ones at the top. If you're looking for wholesome stories to dive into without overly dark or explicit scenes, feel free to check out these novels. Click on the book cover to be taken to the Amazon page. To browse current book promotions with hundreds of free/discounted novels click here.    

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Charlie N. Holmber


A great story of transformation through the pain. It's about the young women cursed to turn everything she touches into ice and the man who braves the winter storm to be near her. The author describes in detail the tale of survival, change, sacrifice, and love. It has the charm of an old fairytale with life lessons to learn. 


Resat Nuri Guntekin 

Cultural Heritage Fiction

This was my favorite book. It is about a Turkish young woman who grows up an orphan. She is resilient despite the heartache and discrimination, and stubbornly creates her own path in life. There is a love story, but not in a traditional sense as the main heroine fights to find herself and survive on her own.     

Margaret Rogerson 


In the world where fair folk live forever but cannot feel deeply or create things with their hands like humans, they seek the craft of mortals in exchange for enchantments. A young woman is an artist that craves none of their gifts. But when a fair prince wants his portrait done, she catches a glimpse of humanity in his eyes, setting events in motion that will change their destinies.  

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Emily R. King


This book is a series of three, and I am on the second one now. I was drawn to the main character, a young woman who lived through personal tragedy that left her body broken, but not her spirit. Her heart is a mechanical clock, and every hour it ticks could be her last. All she wants is to survive long enough to avenge her family, but her quest takes her on the adventure she didn't expect. 

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Maria V. Snyder


Read the first book of three and got attached to all the main characters. Avry, strong and compassionate, is the last healer in the land. Everyone is hunting her down. Kerrick, a man with a wounded past, protects her so that she can heal the leader who is capable of stopping the war. The only problem is that it may cost Avry her life, and Kerrick might care too much to allow it.  

The ugly stepsister.jpg

Aya Ling

Fairy Tale Reimagined 

This novel is light and fun, although, I didn't read the subsequent books (just the spoilers in the reviews to know what happens). The beginning is entertaining. Kat is drawn from her world into the story of Cinderella through the book. She can only get out if she is able to finish the story. It's a fast and easy read.  

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