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Hold on to Things That Truly Last...

We rush and hurry, fly through life. Too much to do, too much to see. We put an effort, climb and strive But from our own hearts we flee.

And all this business for what? What is accomplished at the end? The soul that struggles in the rut, Relationships that don't amend,

The feelings that are buried deep Because for them there is no time. We gain success but peace don't keep. The joy is traded for a dime.

Today I want to pause it all, To put aside important tasks, Take deeper breaths and slower stroll, Lift up my eyes, and think, and bask.

I want to take a look inside And ask my heart: "How do you feel?" I want to live, to ride the tide And not be stuck inside the wheel.

To hug my spouse, call a friend, To laugh with kids that grow so fast, To help someone and at the end Hold on to things that truly last.

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